Team Body Balance


Kathy Gade

AcroYoga, Thai Massage & Healthy Eating Guru

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kathy grew up with an active spirit and a heart for teaching. Shortly after becoming a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor in 2007 she discovered AcroYoga and was blown away by the trust and community that can be cultivated in just one short class session! Soon after, Kathy began to study Thai Massage and Nutrition Education, and the pieces of the Body Balance puzzle began to take form. Driven by a spirit of collaboration and play, she has dedicated herself to building and sustaining community through Nutrition Education, AcroYoga and Thai Massage. Healing clients, community, family and friends from the inside out.  With opportunities to travel, teach, and experience different cultures around the world her eyes have been opened to the greater global community that exists and connects us all together. A global community that she is committed to contributing to through whole body healing and play!



Rachel Baker

Handstands, Thai Massage & Twerking Guru

Rachel Baker, known to friends & family as Chachi, is commonly found signing to her current favorite song, twerking in a handstand, dancing solo; with a friend or a stranger, stitching a head wound or a sliced finger, all while maintaining a huge grin on her face that we have all come to recognize and love.  Fed and inspired by the creativity of her Athletic Playground community where she has been teaching Monkey Conditioning, Handstands & Thai Massage since 2008. Her constant drive for helping others and love of play have enhanced her journey as a mover, dancer, hand balancer, and Thai body worker.

Having studied with hand balancers from all over the world, Chachi has a deep understanding and appreciation of the basic foundations from which you build a handstand. She incorporates this in her teaching with clear instruction to insure all students find success at their level of practice.

Since 1996, Chachi has trained in many different dance modalities from modern dance & hip-hop, to lindy hop & blues.  More recently inspired by Axis syllabus, contact improv, and Tango.  Movement exploration and body awareness are her lifelines.

When not following her passion of movement, Chachi is busy saving lives in the hospital as a PA in Emergency Medicine.  We believe there is nothing Chachi can’t do, although the search continues!

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